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Mr Subhash Shanbhag

Mr. Subhash Shanbhag | IIT BHU Alumnus | Father of Sachit Shanbhag

B-Tech | IIT Bombay

When I have enrolled Sachit at Paathshala, it was comforting to know that this is the place where what Sachit needs will be provided – personalized attention, clarifying his doubts and getting the best JEE Advanced rank possible and yes, that proved out to be case with Sachit securing a rank in JEE Advanced

Mr Shanbhag’s tips to parents of JEE Aspirants – JEE is not just about knowledge, its also about managing temper, time, ability to focus in a seemingly stressful situation. Before the difficult questions are attempted, the concepts have to be mastered. Increase the difficulty level of the practice questions gradually, starting from the basic/easy level of questions

His ward Sachit Shanbhag Secured Admission At IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Chemical Engineering

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