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How to become a Paathshala Instructor

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Job Description

Take classes of the students as per the allocated schedule

Maintain a cohesive, non-political and transparent atmosphere in the organization

Keep upgrading the knowledge base by studying new and revised books on the subject

Education Background B-Tech/ BE/M.Sc/ M.Sc + Ph.D/B.Sc

Institute We are accepting applications from the pass-outs of premier (IIT, NIT, IIIT, IISc, IISER etc) + non-premier institutes

Experience At least 11 months of teaching experience for JEE(Main) + JEE(Advanced)/NEET

Communication Skills Should have very strong English Communication Skills

Selection Procedure Written Test, Interview, Demo Lecture

Functional Area Academics

Point of Contact HR Department

Empowering Learners

Paathshala Education knew long ago what many educational experts know today – online learning is an effective way to learn and teach. We employ technological advances that make it easier than ever for you to feel connected to your students online

The World is Our Community

When you become one of our instructors, you’ll facilitate online discussions that are practically guaranteed to be rich in content. Online students have an opportunity to think more about their written contributions than in-class comments

Plus, the opportunity for a diverse student population is greater because our students take courses from nearly anywhere

Over time, your classes will become like online communities with everyone working toward collective goals

Want to Work From a Cafe ? We are Cool With That

One of the greatest advantages of being a Paathshala Instructor is the flexibility you’ll experience. You can prepare your coursework anytime, day or night

This level of flexibility allows you to focus on a full-time career, family and life while you teach. And, you can post your classroom presentations from any place that has an internet connection—home, work or the neighborhood coffee shop

For a Better World

The best reason for becoming a Paathshala Instructor is knowing that you are impacting your students’ lives in a positive way

When you understand just how big the impact Paathshala Education can make for students all around the world, your perspective changes; your world gets a little bit bigger and you’ll be inspired to continue to exceed your expectations

Become an instrument of change, with Paathshala

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