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Mission And Vision

“We aim to transform with utmost efficiency, each student, into the intellectually best version of themselves, with the underlying purpose of giving them the best possible chance of excelling in the career of their choice”

“In the process, we also provide career guidance, life coaching and motivation coaching”

About Paathshala

We are a premiere education services company. We are focused on providing quality education with technology enhanced learning and guidance for the students of XI and XII standard science, aspiring to crack competitive entrance exams like the IIT JEE, BITSAT, NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS etc.

Our primary aim is of delivering quality education to aspiring Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, who will go on to become successful professionals. Since the inception, we as a team of professional and experienced teachers have always aimed to deliver higher level quality training to the aspirants

Message from Paathshala Education

We at Paathshala Education, are proud to be a team of dedicated individuals focused on being the best possible chance for any student to achieve his Science Career related dreams. For this, our team of Professors, Administration In-charges, Branch Development Managers, Student Welfare Counsellors, Academic Counsellors, Graphic Designers, Content Incharges etc work tirelessly, often around the clock. We hope to be a part of the successful future of you and your child. We believe that success will follow us when we lead many a student into achieving his own dreams and goals in life. We try our best to motivate each young mind towards conceptualizing a career and marching towards conquering it.

The years bygone, have seen Paathshala Staff and personnel taking care of student needs’ and welfare by going out of the way to do so. We take this opportunity to sincerely commend their efforts. We are also obliged and very thankful to the many parents who have encouraged us from our nascence and students who have studied sincerely with us with supreme dedication. There are a few things that our great nation of India is proud to have and a couple of them are the IIT JEE Advanced and the Pre-medical Entrance Exams. These exams have been sacrosanct in deciding the country’s future and we are proud to be a part of the process that creates enlightened knowledgeable individuals, not just in bookish consistency but also in practical, rational, logical, imaginative thought, creative enough of dealing with new problems of the modern post industrial post technological era.

We also nurture those talented students who may have been from a poor economic background and hence could not possibly afford an urban, technology enhanced Education that we are specialized in offering. We have proudly helped numerous such meritorious kids.

We believe in honesty over delusion. If a child is not capable, due to any reason of cracking the entrance exams/Olympiads/ competitive exams or of performing well, we believe in stating that honestly in our Student Reports issued periodically. Parents are advised to understand that each and every kid isn’t meant for and intellectually stupefying career path, some can be more artistically inclined or in today’s day and age, may find new and alternative career routes, previously unheard of for guiding student’s aptly, we have a dedicated post exam counselling session after all the exams of the 12th std are over, which help the student in determining hi/her exact goals and focus down upon them with pin point accuracy.

Our work leaves us prideful, joyous and fulfilled and hence, here we mention it with our heads held high.

We wish you the very best of success in all future endeavours, and sincerely hope to be and integral part of your smile, on result day.

Paathshala Education