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    Mission And Vision

    We aim to transform with utmost efficiency, each student, into the intellectually best version of themselves, with the underlying purpose of giving them the best possible chance of excelling in the career of their choice.

    In the process, we also provide career guidance, life coaching and motivation coaching

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    Paathshala Education
    January 12, 2020

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    Paathshala Education
    December 22, 2019

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    Paathshala Education
    March 9, 2020

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    Testimonials and Success Stories


    Aadya Deshpande

    M.B.B.S | Grant Medical College And Sir J. J. Group Of Hospitals, Mumbai

    NEET | 692 / 720
    NEET All India Rank | 355
    XII Boards | 99.33 %

    A huge thank you to Paathshala. My NEET performance would not have been possible without Paathshala! Paathshala’s Early Completion of Syllabus Strategy enabled me to revise the entire syllabus more than 5 to 6 times, which was not possible for other students that I know from other institutes, as their syllabus was completed just 3 to 4 months before the NEET exam, in which case revision would not at all be possible for any student

    Also, Paathshala’s one to one, extensively personalized teaching played an important role not only in effective teaching but also in completing the syllabus early, since it is not possible to complete the syllabus fast in a batch or a group teaching mode. I could get my doubts solved swiftly because of the personalized mode. However, that would not have been possible for me, if I was studying elsewhere in a batch or a group. I have given around 200 to 250 Full Syllabus Tests

    What I realized is, in the beginning, the Full Syllabus Tests seem challenging and the scores are usually low, lower than the Part Syllabus Tests. As we keep at them and keep going, analyze our mistakes thoroughly and work on our weak topics and chapters, our scores in FSTs start improving. It is also important to not compare your performance with anyone else’s but with your own previous performance. It is important to balance or eliminate hyper normal stimuli like video gaming, excessive eating, watching videos online, which, if not moderated might be a huge obstacle to the path of preparation

    All along, love the process of learning science and gathering knowledge and try to learn from the mistakes rather than feel bad about the mistakes made in the tests or any low scores. As many problems as possible should be solved and it is also a great idea to solve the same problem set multiple times to become more confident in a chapter or topic

    Secured Admission At Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai for M.B.B.S


    Ojas Deshpande

    M.B.B.S | King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai

    NEET | 680 / 720
    NEET All India Rank 892
    JEE Main | 98.62 Percentile
    KVPY SX All India Rank 198
    XII Boards 98.83%
    Qualified for AIIMS, Rishikesh

    I would like to extend my thanks to Paathshala for my NEET score. Paathshala’s one to one teaching and mentoring methodology helped me in a great way. It allowed the professors to monitor my progress at each step. I received feedback pertaining to my areas of improvement and not just some general feedback that is applicable to everyone. That helped me immensely to focus on my weak areas and strengthen them with time

    Paathshala’s strategy of early completion of syllabus has provided one of the biggest advantages by giving me 2 years of time only for practice, revision and test series enabling me to constantly improve my scores. The Full Syllabus Tests helped me understand the concepts that I had forgotten with time and also the topics and chapters in which I need to practice more. The professors clarified all my NEET doubts from time to time, making my revision and practice process effective and efficient. Paathshala’s Mistakes Analysis’ Report has been an amazing tool in helping me find out topics and chapters, where I needed more practice and revision. I have given 200 to 250 NEET Full Syllabus Tests. Solving these many FSTs greatly improved my time management skills and also my ability to stay calm and confident in an exam environment

    I would recommend Paathshala’s Educational services to all future aspirants. The personal attention Paathshala delivers is the key to success in competitive entrance exams

    Secured Admission At King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai for M.B.B.S | NEET(UG)


    Saurabh Parekh

    B-Tech | IIT Bombay

    My experience at Paathshala has been wonderful; the teachers are very helpful, they provide personalized attention to the student. I studied for about 5-6 hours daily. I gave more time to the subject I was weak at. I revised the topics done in the class daily. And this helped me a lot in improving my scores in the exams. I also learnt how to manage my time and how not to make silly mistakes. The professors are knowledgeable and I give them a rating of 10/10. I was also counseled about the opportunities available to me after the successful completion of JEE. I am planning to do Mechanical Engineering at IIT

    JEE Advanced All India Rank 674
    JEE Advanced 273/366
    JEE Main Score 276
    JEE Main All India Rank 2067
    BITSAT 390
    MHTCET 179
    Boards 89%

    Eligible for Admission at – All the Top 7 IITs, Top 3 NITs, BITS Pilani

    Secured Admission at IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

    Alumni Spotlight

    • Saurabh is pursuing his MS in Computer Science at Stony Brook University, New York, United States
    • He has also interned at IIM Bengaluru as a Blockchain Developer Intern, OYO as a Project Associate Intern, Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Software Development Engineering Intern, and worked at Zomato Full time as a Software Development Engineer before pursuing his Masters at Stony Brook
    • Saurabh has done his Dual Minors in Computer Science and Data Science at IIT Bombay


    Mr. Jayesh Parekh | Father of Saurabh Parekh

    B-Tech | IIT Bombay

    It is a good thing that Paathshala is providing personalized attention to students. This helps students to ask their doubts and also the professor to gauge the understanding of the student. It helps them to gain confidence when the concepts are cleared, and the results will be definitely good. I will give 100% credit of Saurabh’s success to Paathshala. They are very much service oriented

    His ward Saurabh Parekh Secured Admission at IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering


    Nihar Mhapankar


    To merely explain my experience and emotions with Paathshala with a few words? Oh Boy! It’s going to be a task between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. My 2-year experience here was an adventure. Professors here helped me a lot in teaching, doubts, and concept clarification. I would say that they are true experts in their subjects. The professors here are the best! The environment and ambiance of the classrooms were far beyond my expectation. Good infrastructure, comfortable benches, quality teaching facilities, you name it! Learning here was fun and the environment maintained by the teachers was the cherry on the cake. Our senior students also gave us the information about the mighty class in our 11 Standard. I was also given the right guidance about the books to be referred to, in addition to the study materials provided. I would rest my case on a final note that, if Paathshala is given the opportunity to compete at the higher level, it would gain all the honors and respect it truly deserves!!

    Secured Admission At Lokmanya Tilak General Medical College for M.B.B.S

    Dr Tushar Mhapankar Photo

    Dr. Tushar Mhapankar | ENT Surgeon | Father of Nihar Mhapankar


    My experience with Paathshala has been absolutely fantastic. At the beginning itself, (Professor) Sagar Sir had given Nihar a view of the goal and how to reach that goal, and how to start. Taking admission here did wonders for Nihar. The way of teaching by the professors here was very good. Nihar was very enthusiastic about attending Paathshala and loved going to Paathshala classes without missing even a single class. All the credit for Nihar’s success in the exams goes to the staff and professors of Paathshala

    His ward Nihar Mhapankar Secured Admission At Lokmanya Tilak General Medical College for M.B.B.S


    Sachit Shanbhag

    B-Tech | IIT Bombay

    My experience at Paathshala was very good. The one thing I liked here, is that they provide great academic support which helped me excel in all the subjects. The professors are experienced and provided us with in-depth knowledge of the subject. My scores improved a lot in all the subjects. For entrance exam aspirants, I will say that you should stick to the syllabus and the study material that is provided at Paathshala. Whenever you have doubts, get them cleared with the professors. The study materials, the class notes, and the assignments given in the class are enough for scoring really well in JEE. I have also been provided with tips, techniques, and time management strategies from the academic counselor which were very helpful. My rating of Paathshala is 10/10. The staff and professors at Paathshala are very supportive

    Secured Admission At IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Chemical Engineering

    Alumni Spotlight

    • Sachit works as a Data Science Engineer at Inito
    • Inito is the world’s first comprehensive at-home diagnostics device that allows diagnostic tests for fertility, diabetes, vitamins, thyroid, and dozens more on a single device connected to a smartphone
    • Inito is backed by the best investors in the world – Y Combinator and many others in US, Singapore, and India
    • Sachit has also interned at Ernst & Young and Daticore

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