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Shashank Iyer

I had a great experience studying at Paathshala. Here the students get all the required facilities and study material required for perfect preparation. The classification of the topics into subtopics has helped in better understanding the concepts in that topic. Also, the classes are conducted in small batches which enables the professor to give personalized attention to the student. The student is encouraged to ask questions and clear all his/her doubts. I was initially in a different institute before joining Paathshala. I would have to work much much harder if I were at some other institute, where they start teaching the chapters slowly in the beginning and then after enough students have enrolled for the course, they rush through the syllabus. On top of that, they don’t teach properly. They give you a mixed bag of theories; you need to go into it and search out the important points. Here at Paathshala Education, the professors are knowledgeable and provided personalized attention to each student and cleared all their doubts on the subject. They guide you properly and give what is actually required. For entrance exam aspirants, I would say do not count the number of hours you study, instead solve more conceptual questions because this is what that develops our concepts. As soon as you finish theory, start off with practice papers of previous years and solve as many as possible

JEE Main 143



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