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Rijushree Saha

M.B.B.S | Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University

To begin with, I would like to say – Paathshala is a highly unique place. It is different from coaching classes that we students attend. It has been a unique experience. We were taught in a different environment, with a different approach. Also, it is a personalized one-to-one teaching that is provided at Paathshala. It really helped me understand the core concepts of the subjects and that helped me crack the questions in the NEET exam with greater ease

When we think about a competitive exam like NEET, we students mostly tend to be Biology-oriented. Paathshala has guided me about how Physics is a rank-differentiator in NEET, although all the three subjects are important. This is generally not told to the students. Most students are unaware of this

The professors at Paathshala helped me gain acumen in the subjects. I have been encouraged to and made to practice a lot of questions. I have been given access to the Paathshala learning resources

Additionally, I would like to appreciate the administration of the company, which was very serious about students’ academics. They have also given me a personal space, where I could comfortably sit and practice questions everyday. This really helped me gain confidence and expertise in the subject and positively contributed to my score

Paathshala’s professors also helped me a lot with Organic Chemistry, which is another challenging subject like Physics. The books I have been suggested for Organic Chemistry practice and the material given to me by Paathshala helped me gain exposure to different types of questions. There were also previous years’ competitive exams’ questions present in the Paathshala practice set. That along with the solved examples helped me a lot. There were some questions, which I can tell you, that were asked in my NEET exam which are, as if directly taken from the Paathshala material. I would like to give credit to the material for it

Rijushree’s Tips to NEET Aspirants – NEET is a time-oriented exam, so you need to be very well-prepared for the exam. You should know how to crack the questions in a proper order. Read NCERT of every subject very thoroughly to become perfect with the theory aspect of the subjects, including Physics, because sometimes theory questions are also asked in Physics. Solve previous years’ NEET/AIPMT question papers. This is very important. The more you solve, the better will be the exposure you gain to the type of questions asked in the NEET exam. There are many questions that are repeated from previous years’ NEET exams as well. Try not to stick with just one material. Solve as many models of questions as possible. Paathshala gives you access to a variety of amazing and well-curated learning resources, across varying difficulty levels. Make sure your concepts are strong. This will enable you to crack NEET with flying colours. I would like to wish the best to all the NEET aspirants out there and would want them to do very well in the exam and get into their dream medical college in the first attempt itself

Rijushree has also been offered admission at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Bhopal

Secured Admission At Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University for M.B.B.S in NEET-UG

Alumni Spotlight

  • Kasturba Medical College has been named in the Top 10 Medical Colleges in India as per the prestigious NIRF 2021 Rankings by the Ministry of Education, Government of India
  • Riju has accomplished a Special Mention at the Idea Exposition Hackathon 2019 hosted by NIT Suratkal

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