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Owais Chunawala

B-Tech | IIT Bombay

I have always wanted to study at an IIT and Paathshala has played a significant role in my achievement. I was guided every step of the way by Paathshala’s professors and mentors. All my doubts were cleared very effectively and on-time

I was given numerous tips, tricks and techniques for efficient preparation, fast problem-solving and was made to solve 100s of questions from the Paathshala learning sources, in a structured and systematic manner, and that greatly impacted my test scores and helped me gain confidence

I was allocated a comfortable space where I could sit and solve questions all day, right from morning till late night

Company’s administration has been extremely supportive

The post exam counselling session at Paathshala after JEE gave me in-depth knowledge about career opportunities available to me. I was grateful to have received such phenomenal guidance, support, help from Paathshala – the professors, admin executives, mentors without whom this milestone would not have been possible

JEE Advanced AIR 2636*
Eligible for Admission at – All the Top 7 IITs, Top 10 NITs, BITS Pilani

Secured Admission At IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science

Alumni Spotlight

  • Owais is the CEO and Co-founder of Augle AI
  • Augle AI provides Computer Vision-based Automation Solutions. Their product portfolio consists of Face Recognition (Attendance, Access Control, Customer Recognition, APIs), Crowd Analysis (through Drones, UAVs, CCTV Cameras), OCR, and Object Detection and Automation
  • Owais has been the Convener of Electronics and Robotics Club at IIT Bombay. It is the largest Robotics Club in India
  • Owais has also done his Minor in Entrepreneurship at IIT Bombay
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