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Mr. Jayesh Parekh | Father of Saurabh Parekh

B-Tech | IIT Bombay

When we took admission at Paathshala, we had the aim of JEE Advanced exam and were aware of Saurabh’s ability to crack the exam. But, what we were looking for was someone who could push forward Saurabh’s JEE Advanced rank as best as possible. We were confident that only Paathshala could do that

We have achieved that today because of Paathshala!

Every doubt of Saurabh has been cleared very effectively via the Paathshala doubts system and all his weak areas have been identified and strengthened with time. This has benefitted Saurabh a lot and improved his confidence

Mr Parekh’s Tips to JEE Aspirants’ Parents – When you enroll your ward in a coaching institute setup, wherein students are taught in batches, he/she is not going to get any personalized attention from that system. Even if your ward has good grasping and understanding abilities, he/she will not be able to ask doubts and will eventually keep those doubts to themselves which will keep piling with time affecting their confidence and morale

At Paathshala, because of the personalized attention mode and the amazing doubts-solving system in place, all of Saurabh’s doubts were clarified on time

I would give 100% credit to Paathshala for the invaluable contribution to Saurabh’s journey to IIT Bombay

We are proud to have been associated with Paathshala!

His ward Saurabh Parekh Secured Admission at IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

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