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V02 BW Mihir Mahajan

Mihir Mahajan


It is a great feeling to have been a student of Paathshala. I got to learn from all the professors here. Every professor has taught me valuable life lessons too. [After my 10th Std, I have joined a different institute but over there, my concepts were not being clarified] Hence, I joined Paathshala later. My concept clarity strengthened with time. My frequency of solving problems without making silly mistakes has increased. Also, the time taken for solving each sum has reduced over time. This capability has become an integral part of my academics. I have also learned a lot about life at Paathshala. I can feel the connection between Math and Life. ‘Integration’ taught me that if you keep adding up small efforts, you WILL make it large despite any obstacles of ‘what to substitute’. Plus, you will get the added bonus of ‘+C’ in the end. It’s your life, make it large!

Secured Admission At BITS Pilani Goa for B.Sc & M.Sc Dual Degree in Economics


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