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Saurabh Parekh

B-Tech | IIT Bombay

My experience at Paathshala was very wonderful. I have learnt a lot here. The professors at Paathshala are very helpful. Due to Paathshala’s personalized teaching mode, I was able to clear all my doubts effectively. Getting my doubts clarified on time improved my practice test scores. I would strongly recommend JEE Advanced and JEE Main aspirants to enroll with Paathshala
Before joining Paathshala, my JEE Advanced test scores were not good. After I have enrolled at Paathshala, my scores have increased consistently

The professors at Paathshala have great expertise in the subject. They have provided amazing tips and techniques, that helped me with fast solving. I would give the Paathshala professors a perfect 10/10 rating

Saurabh’s Study Routine – I have been serious about academics since the very beginning. I study everyday since my school days (X Standard, mainly). During my JEE preparation, I used to study and practice questions for at least 5 to 6 hours each and everyday (this is apart from the classes duration). I used to give equal importance to all the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. I was good at Mathematics. Physics was challenging for me, so I used to study Physics for more duration. Whatever used to be taught in the class, I developed the habit of going home and revising it on the same day

Saurabh’s Tips For JEE Aspirants – When you give your practice tests, make sure to avoid silly mistakes. If this habit is not consciously developed, there is likeliness of losing marks to silly mistakes in the final exam. Every mark is precious. Learn to manage time well. This is a very important skill to be developed and nurtured when you give your Full Syllabus Tests. The professors at Paathshala helped me a lot with gaining the skillset needed to crack the JEE Advanced exam

Saurabh’s Career Plans – I want to pursue Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay

Paathshala’s Post Exam Counselling – In this one-to-one post exam session by Paathshala, I have come to know a lot about the career opportunities available to me, about IITs, IIT Bombay, from where I am planning to pursue Mechanical Engineering, it was very insightful and I learnt a lot from the session

JEE Advanced All India Rank 674
JEE Advanced 273/366
JEE Main Score 276
JEE Main All India Rank 2067
Boards 89%

Eligible for Admission at – All the Top 7 IITs, Top 3 NITs, BITS Pilani

Secured Admission at IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Alumni Spotlight

  • Saurabh is pursuing his MS in Computer Science at Stony Brook University, New York, United States
  • He has also interned at IIM Bengaluru as a Blockchain Developer Intern, OYO as a Project Associate Intern, Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Software Development Engineering Intern, and worked at Zomato Full time as a Software Development Engineer before pursuing his Masters at Stony Brook
  • Saurabh has done his Dual Minors in Computer Science and Data Science at IIT Bombay

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