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Dr Tushar Mhapankar Photo

Dr. Tushar Mhapankar | ENT Surgeon | Father of Nihar Mhapankar


My experience with Paathshala has been absolutely fantastic. At the beginning itself, (Professor) Sagar Sir had given Nihar a view of the goal and how to reach that goal, and how to start. Taking admission here did wonders for Nihar. The way of teaching by the professors here was very good. Nihar was very enthusiastic about attending Paathshala and loved going to Paathshala classes without missing even a single class. All the credit for Nihar’s success in the exams goes to the staff and professors of Paathshala

His ward Nihar Mhapankar Secured Admission At Lokmanya Tilak General Medical College for M.B.B.S