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Arunima S Paathshala

Arunima Singh

B-Tech | IIT Delhi

Gaining admission into a good engineering school is a dream for all JEE aspirants. I was lucky to be guided by SP Sir during my preparation journey to be able to make this dream a reality. His philosophy of working on fundamental concepts and gradually progressing to problem solving worked wonders for me.

Understanding concepts well, solving quality question banks and thoroughly addressing doubts are the three key elements of JEE preparation. At Paathshala, my entire preparation journey was anchored on these three elements. The team went the extra mile by providing me with a personalized preparation plan with timely check-ins about progress and any challenges I was facing.

Physics, which is a challenge for a lot of JEE aspirants like myself, became my strongest subject towards the end of my preparation because of SP Sir’s easy-to-follow teaching style and focused problem solving. In addition to the professor’s subject expertise what really helped me get better at topics was the approachability the team offered for topic wise revisions, doubt solving, effective study tips, perfectly curated question banks/tests and most importantly general motivation which goes a long way.

SP Sir and the Paathshala team helped me identify and finally actualize my potential. I would strongly recommend the Paathshala experience to budding JEE aspirants to achieve their dream of making it to IIT !

Alumni Spotlight

  • Arunima is currently working as a management consultant at IQVIA where she works on solving business problems for big pharma clients in India and the world
  • At IIT, she was the student head of the Entrepreneurship Cell where she spearheaded a 3 tier team coordinators to harbor entrepreneurship culture at IIT Delhi
  • Arunima has interned at PwC in their M&A practice
  • In the summer of 2019, Arunima spent a month at the London School of Economics and studied ‘Further Statistics & Econometrics’, securing an A+ grade in the course

Secured Admission At IIT Delhi for B-Tech in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

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