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Description of the project:
Reference websites for the project are

? TutorMe |
? BitPaper |
? WizIQ |

▶️ The topmost panel should have the features of Screen Share, Recording, Log Out, Date, Time, Photon Ecademy Logo and Change Layout

▶️ The second panel should have the features Add New Shared Items like Shared Multi User White Board, Google Docs, PPT, PDF, Text Editor, Code Editor, Calculator and File Sharing

❇️ The File Sharing Part feature should be such that —-— A Lecture Resources library should already be present (like in and we should be able to add more files if required

▶️ There should be a Public Chat, Private Chat and like in Zoom App —-— Mute, Un-Mute, Video Turn ON, Video Turn OFF options should be present near the Public Chat and Private Chat features

▶️ Web RTC sharing of the Web Cams should be there

▶️ On the side panel —-— Undo, Redo, Eraser, Pencil, Shape Tool, Grid Selection Tool, Functions Tool, Graph Tool, Pan Tool, Select Tool to be inserted on the White Board, Upload Images on the Whiteboard, Download Whiteboard as PDF features should be present

✳️ As can be seen, this project should not be started from scratch. It needs to be built up upon what has been previously built and this project has to be integrated with Nuxt.js with firebase, firestore database at the backend Google App Engine as the server

Dear Freelancer,

Greetings from Paathshala Education!

Following is the remuneration for the said project; on offer

▶️ The remuneration for the completion of this project is INR 10000, as posted on the website and the deadline for completion of the project is 10 days (240 Hours)

❇️ We hereby present you an additional opportunity to earn higher remuneration for the same project. Please go through the following

▶️ If the project is completed within 7 days (168 Hours) (before deadline), you will be eligible for a remuneration of INR 15000 (subject to the completion of the project as per the requirement, incorporation of feedback points, if any, after submission)

❇️ Since we are keen about the deadline of the project, we would like it to be completed as soon as possible. If you exceed the submission deadline of 10 days (240 Hours), you would be eligible for the remuneration in the following manner

▶️ If the project is delivered after 10 days (240 Hours) [but before 14 days (336 Hours)], you will be eligible for a remuneration of INR 8000

▶️ If the project is delivered after 14 days (336 Hours) [but before 20 days (480 Hours)], you will be eligible for a remuneration of INR 6000

▶️ If the project is delivered after 20 days (480 Hours), you will NOT be eligible for any remuneration

❇️ We would not be willing to go ahead with an hourly remuneration based work association

? Please Note

▶️ If you would like to go ahead with our offer, please note that completion of the project means that the project is completed without ANY errors, with complete features and should be integrated successfully in our existing Nuxt.js project. After the submission of the project, it would be reviewed and we will provide you the feedback, as necessary

▶️ Once all the features are implemented, the project will be marked as complete

We have many other exciting projects coming up!

Looking forward to an amazing and long lasting association with you!

Let’s do impactful work together!

Thanks and Regards,
Paathshala Education ?
Travail Beyond Excellence ✨

We have posted my project requirements in detail, kindly go through them and let me know, here are additional google drive links (which contain the video description of the project) to help you understand the project as well as the existing code:

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