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Sushmita Vatsh | Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

As an Intern it was a great experience working with Paathshala Education. All seniors were quite helpful throughout the internship. The best part of this internship was that I never felt like working as an intern, I felt very much like a core team member. Paathshala Education showed a lot of faith and trust in me and through this platform, I experienced real time situations of the workplace which helped me a lot in gaining self confidence.

Thank you very much for the opportunity of helping me learn and understand work culture

Sushmita Vatsh

Prerna Chhaparwal | IIT Bombay

It was really a great experience working with Paathshala. The management and flow of the work is amazing here. I have learnt to be accurate with my work; plus it was very convenient to work here along with managing academics. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, it was new and time-worth experience for me

Prerna Chhaparwal

Jhim Dubey | Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Thank you so much Paathshala for your love and support. It was an amazing experience for me working with Paathshala! Got to learn many things while doing this Internship and these key learnings would surely help me a lot in my career

Jhim Dubey