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Sushmita Vatsh | Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

As an Intern it was a great experience working with Paathshala Education. All seniors were quite helpful throughout the internship. The best part of this internship was that I never felt like working as an intern, I felt very much like a core team member. Paathshala Education showed a lot of faith and trust in me and through this platform, I experienced real time situations of the workplace which helped me a lot in gaining self confidence.

Thank you very much for the opportunity of helping me learn and understand work culture

Sushmita Vatsh

Prerna Chhaparwal | IIT Bombay

It was really a great experience working with Paathshala. The management and flow of the work is amazing here. I have learnt to be accurate with my work; plus it was very convenient to work here along with managing academics. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, it was new and time-worth experience for me

Prerna Chhaparwal

Jhim Dubey | Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Thank you so much Paathshala for your love and support. It was an amazing experience for me working with Paathshala! Got to learn many things while doing this Internship and these key learnings would surely help me a lot in my career

Jhim Dubey

Shounak Barua | University of Leeds, London

The role Paathshala Education has played in my career in terms of professional development has been of immense gravity. Being an undergraduate in Biotechnology, as part of the team, I was allowed to do what I did best, impart knowledge. During the initial days, my supervisors were extremely helpful and efficiently guided me through the training period, upon completion of which, I was given the leniency to navigate through my own day to day tasks. During the delivery of subject matter, the team was extremely welcoming towards my own style of delivery

Apart from the amazing work that I had the opportunity to do, this position allowed me to polish my written and verbal communication skills in the process of having to deliver knowledge while writing and recording voice-overs simultaneously. These skills have been indispensable in both academics and the professional world, since then. At the same time, the motivation to efficiently elaborate on the various topics of my subject helped me stay updated regarding the subject matter and pushed me to do a substantial amount of additional reading. Thus, the responsibilities delegated to me were of utmost importance in boosting my confidence to overcome challenges, one at a time

By providing this small insight on what it was like to work at Paathshala Education, I convey my gratitude and warmest regards to the team responsible for making the duration of my work so memorable


Shounak Barua

Shibani Dhar | IIT Bombay

My experience at Paathshala was great ! Learnt a lot, and got a chance to relive my JEE days. The team was very supportive and helpful throughout the entire course of the internship. Hope to work with your team again in the future!
Shibani Dhar

Tanishq Chamola | Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology

My experience with Paathshala Education as intern has been amazing. Right from day one, the support and mentorship I have received has enabled me to learn a lot and enhance my skills. Although I had a very little experience in Vue.js, after completing my internship I can proudly say that I am now comfortable working on it. Each task given to me has helped me to challenge myself and find a solution. All the other interns of the team had been a great source of help which made my journey even smoother
Tanishq Chamola

Shubham Shahi | Jaypee Institute of Information Technology

Interning with Paathshala has been one of the most defining period of my learning! I had to work on a technology I had never worked on, but thanks to my mentor; who was always there making me feel comfortable!
Apart from helping me with technical knowledge, Paathshala also helped me gain skills like team work, communication skills and many other important skills that would always be there with me all my life!
I would also like to thank Paathshala Management team who were always there when needed!
I wish Paathshala a great future! May you have an exponential growth! Thank you for a wonderful journey!
Shubham Shahi

Siddharth Anand Shah | Gujarat University

Paathshala World operates with utmost professionalism and corporate characteristics. It is very pleasing to see that the institution is well organized and the staff is divided into fine sections like HR Department, Accounting, Academics, and Head Office. It provided me a sense of purpose and a platform to showcase my abilities. Apart from that, I was given a proper chance and useful guidance to improve myself. It is very commendable that Paathshala World never fails to provide a sense of comfort to their students, a feeling of reassurance to parents of their students and work satisfaction to their employees
Siddharth Anand Shah

Lasyapriya Kanchi | University College Dublin, Ireland

I really enjoyed working at Paathshala Education. I got to learn a plethora of new things, from communicating with clients to managing the work given to students. While working as an academics and client relations intern, I had the opportunity to learn closely from the members of the head office; this taught me a lot about having a strong work ethic

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the educators, conducting incubation and demo sessions, and taking viva sessions of the students
As this week came to an end, I was able to reflect on my experience and realized, that in such a small space of time, I have grown as an individual, and this has given me the confidence to thrive in the working world
Thank you for this opportunity, I am truly grateful
Lasyapriya Kanchi

Pranoti Billade | IIT Bombay

My internship experience with Paathshala Education was great. It was my first internship. I learnt about time management and perfection in work. It was good to have the flexibility of time. The executives at Paathshala were also very considerate and helpful. Overall, it was a good experience for me
Thank you and Regards

Pranoti Billade

Prafulla Raichurkar | Terna Engineering College, Mumbai

My time interning at Paathshala Education was one of the most entertaining and enlightening. When I applied for the internship, I was honestly expecting an aptitude test and a series of questions not related to my passion. I was instead given a challenging task to be completed within a timeframe.
From that point on, every task was hands-on practical experiences, aiming to solve real-world problems and take the world of education to the next level.
I also got the opportunity to work on the latest tech stacks and handle the entire DevOps lifecycle from development to deployment which helped me up-skill myself.
The work environment at Paathshala Education was extremely friendly and flexible which allowed me to intern alongside my college schedules

Prafulla Raichurkar

Kashish Oberoi | University of Delhi

As an intern, I realized that being passionate and open to learning new abilities, asking for additional work, and being keen to learn and pose questions are all key aspects of working in an organization.
This attitude helped me in learning that I love being a part of the team and am eager to assist.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to undertake this internship and extremely satisfied to gain the knowledge that I did.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Thank You!

Kashish Oberoi

Gunjan Malhotra | Amity University, Noida

I would say I am glad that I worked as an intern in this company. I enjoyed a lot working here also I learned many things from this internship. Each and every member of the company supported me well. There was no burden on me for the work. I am grateful that I was selected to work with you. Thank you a lot for giving me this opportunity

Gunjan Malhotra

Koseqa Nayak | Motilal Nehru College, University of Delhi

I had a great experience interning with Paathshala Education. I had the opportunity to display my writing skills, and also be involved in the professional writing process. Also, I gained amazing insights on the subject matter of psychology that may also be applied in real life. My mentor guided me throughout the internship and encouraged me even though I had time constraints due to my job and exam preparation.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Thanking you.

Koseqa Nayak

Seba Fathima | Miranda House, University of Delhi

I have had a great time working for Paathshala as a Content Writing Intern. What I appreciate the most within the work culture is the flexibility given to the interns, fully accommodating my time schedule as an undergraduate student with 9-4 classes, and the coordinators arranged content submissions accordingly. Thanks for making my internship experience worthwhile!

Seba Fathima

Sayalee Joshi | Fergusson College, Pune

This was my first proper working experience. This internship has taught me a lot. The work culture of Paathshala Education is really great. All the supervisors are extremely supportive and helpful. I really liked the methodical approach to everything. Whenever I faced any technical issues, proper help and guidance was provided. I’m really glad to have worked with you.
I also look forward to working with you in the future on mutual convenience.

Sayalee Joshi

Manisha Choudhary | Footwear Design and Development Institute

First of all, I would like to thank all my mentors who directly and indirectly supported me during the two months internship journey; they supported me in all ways possible. At first, I wasn’t that sharp in the work but they guided me in such a way that in less time I had learned much more than I expected. It was a wonderful journey with you. You people, I think are the best mentors I ever had, and thankyou for your support.

Manisha Choudhary

Manasi Potre | Savitribai Phule Pune University

“The knowledge gained and skills acquired through this internship are things that complimented and enhanced the education I obtained in the classroom.”
It was great working with your organization, I got to know and learn many things.
Special thanks to my Mentor. Thank you Ma’am for guiding me throughout the process. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to work with you

Manasi Potre

Apurva Bhalerao | AP Shah Institute of Technology, Mumbai

I had a good experience working with the Paathshala team. The interaction in demo sessions helped me a lot in developing my soft skills.

Apurva Bhalerao

Aditya Kesharwani | NIT Rourkela

Well, It was a really great experience for me to work with Paathshala Education. As an Intern, I was worried that the workload will be too high but this was not the case at all. I got to take classes very smoothly. It was all good. So, overall my experience my very nice

I would like to thank the whole team of Paathshala Education for giving me this opportunity and guiding me everywhere.

Hope to join Paathshala Education soon as my health improves.

Aditya Kesharwani

Akshay Venkatesh | Bangalore, India

It has been a highly demanding yet a fantastic learning experience for me where several opportunities were presented to me to hone my skills further, some of which I would like to highlight further here –
1. Client Interaction Skills – From the 1st day itself, I was interacting with clients. This is very rare in today’s professional work environment
2. Effective Communication Skills – Apart from interacting with clients (students), I was also interacting with a number of varied groups – Management at Paathshala, Parents/Guardians of students, Educators, and my co-workers. This enabled me to further improve my communication skills
3. Time Management – Working concurrently on various highly time-bound tasks such as tele-conferences with parents and students, interacting with educators, back-office coordination, other administration tasks helped me improve my time management skills
4. Leadership Skills – I was not only leading a team of interns but was also functioning as a hiring manager to help identify, select and incubate talented individuals into the organization. Serving as the focal point of contact between the clients and the management, I shouldered a lot of responsibility. I learnt a lot especially in the fields of client relationship management and administration
The constant guidance from the managers was also very beneficial for me. I will always cherish my time at Paathshala, and I wish the organization all the success in the years ahead
Akshay Venkatesh

Anmol Tiwari | Bhopal, India

Thanks a lot. It was my pleasure to be a part of Paathshala. I learned a lot in such a short span of time. The support I got from my superiors helped me boost my confidence and to face any challenges with a positive attitude. I look forward to working with Paathshala in the future. I am thankful to Paathshala for giving me this opportunity

Anmol Tiwari

Anjali Vats | Panipat, Haryana, India

I am grateful for giving me the opportunity to learn graphic designing skills that will be very useful for my career
Thank you so much, Paathshala

Anjali Vats

Anu Balguher | Delhi, India

First of all, thank you so much for recruiting me and giving me the opportunity to work with your organization. It was a wonderful experience; I got to learn so much during this internship period. Moreover, a special thanks to my mentor, for helping me with my work and being very cooperative
I would like to work with your organization in the future as well
Anu Balguher

Medha Sharma

It was the first time that I worked as a content creator. Without a doubt, this is one of the best jobs I have done till now, and PAATHSHALA provided me with the best platform to increase my knowledge and upgrade my skills as well. All the team members were very helpful and they all guided me on how to improve my work at every level. PAATHSHALA provided me a positive work environment with flexible working hours which is definitely a plus point for me. I want to thank all my team members and PAATHSHALA for giving me this opportunity
Looking forward to work at the Paathshala again!
Medha Sharma

Neel Sanghvi | DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering | Mumbai, India

Working at Paathshala has been a very good experience for me and it enabled me to improve my teaching skills
Neel Sanghvi

Jay Doshi | Mumbai, India

I will always remember the challenges and learnings I experienced during Teaching Mathematics online. It will remain a highlight in my career, and I want to thank Paathshala for providing me with this opportunity. I would like to thank my mentors at Paathshala and the entire team for helping me and guiding me throughout

While I am very excited about the next phase in my career, I am also sad to say goodbye to Paathshala

I would like to convey my gratitude for the unending support and guidance that I have received throughout my tenure in the organization

My time spent here taught me more than I could have hoped for. I loved teaching my students and learned a lot too

Now, it’s time for me to move towards a new path and explore new possibilities

Thank you again for the opportunity to let me Teach Students Online

I wish my mentor at Paathshala and the entire company the very best

Jay Doshi

Rahul Ghetia | Rajkot, India

It was a great experience. I loved working with Paathshala. And I’m glad that I got this opportunity to work with Paathshala. I like the flexibility that I got in working hours. Everyone was supportive

Rahul Ghetia

Shubham Anand | IIT Bombay

This is Shubham Anand, a third-year undergraduate student in the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay. I was appointed as the Academic Content Creator at Paathshala in the month of December 2019. The overall selection process was incredibly smooth and efficient. The executives ensured that each and every intern gets the proper information and knowledge about the whole process. My job was to develop content videos for the subject of Physical Chemistry for various entrance exams like JEE Advanced, Main, BITSAT, KVPY, etc. It was quite a great experience working with Paathshala. The people were incredibly helpful, patient and kind. Whenever I faced any issue regarding the process, they were always there with the apt solution. Due to this, my period as an intern was a very smooth one. I would like to thank the entire team at Paathshala for giving me this opportunity

Shubham Anand

Yashika Bareja | Delhi, India

It was a great experience interning with Paathshala. I got to learn a lot of new things that will help in my life and career. Most importantly, this internship has made me very punctual and even self-managing

Yashika Bareja

Swaraj Kamble | Pune, India

This was my first internship and It helped me gain a whole new experience. The internship gave me an excellent opportunity to gain new skills, especially when it came to working and communicating with people from the education domain. This was the best internship to date. I was in direct communication with the COO and my work used to be assigned by her. She had always helped me in each and every way possible and made me complete my work. I was very comfortable working with Paathshala Education
Paathshala also provided me with my internship completion certificate, which is one of my important documents right now

I would like to thank my mentors at Paathshala and Paathshala for providing me this opportunity

Swaraj Kamble

Ayshu Hussain

My experience with Paathshala was amazing
The company had very effective communication channels with me which helped me in clearing doubts
I had a very supportive internship mentor
Overall, my experience was great


Ayushu Hussain

Divya Puri

I had a great experience working with Paathshala
It was a great opportunity for me. I learnt new things
The team was supportive
Thank you for the opportunity

Divya Puri

Kartik G

It was really a great job
The working environment is very good
Thank you


Kartik G

Deepti Jadhav

My experience at Paathshala was very very good. I really liked the fact they provide great guidance here. If I did not know something about a particular task they’ve helped me always helped me understand. My internship mentor has guided me from time to time. I have learnt a lot of new things and skills that would be very helpful for me in my career. My mentor also constantly motivated me to perform better. I would rate my experience at Paathshala 10/10. I would really like to work with Paathshala again. Thank you

Deepti Jadhav

Manvi Makan

I would like to express my gratitude to Paathshala for giving me an opportunity to participate in the internship program. I am particularly writing to thank the company for the trust in my skills. The internship was a great experience for me and I am grateful to Paathshala for the all valuable teachings. I once again thank Paathshala for presenting me with an opportunity to serve your company in the capacity of an intern. It was indeed a great experience to work amongst the graded professionals. Wishing Paathshala Education great success in all the future endeavours


Manvi Makan

Vinesh Katewa

Working with Paathshala Education was a great experience for me
I got to work on the latest tech stack that is in high demand in the industry
Not only did I gain experience in the technology I already knew but I got to learn a lot as well and got an understanding of how the industry works
All in all, it was a great interning experience for me


Vinesh Katewa

Sushanth Katukoju | IIT Bombay

It was a good enthusiastic experience interning with Paathshala. Very flexible work timings and friendly mentors! I had a good amount of fun taking part in the internship

Sushanth Katukoju

Taran Kapoor

It was great working with Paathshala
I was able to learn a lot from this Internship
Thanks for everything


Taran Kapoor

Komal Agarwal

Although my internship was for a shorter duration, I had a good experience working with Paathshala
It was also my first online internship experience
Thank you


Komal Agarwal

Pankaj Jangid

Paathshala has given me a wonderful internship opportunity to work with them
I have learned many new things during my internship period
The team members were really kind. They used to clarify whatever doubts I used to have about the work allocated
I had a great time working with Paathshala

Pankaj Jangid

Yash Maheshwary | IIT Bombay

It was a great experience working with Paathshala Education, with the mentors being highly approachable and professional. The whole internship was streamlined well enough for the students, to get the best out of them in terms of learning and output


Yash Maheshwary

Shrey Gurav

My experience interning with Paathshala Education has been great
I enjoyed working with Paathshala and appreciate the esteemed organization for giving me this opportunity
I had a great time interning with Paathshala Education and I learned a lot of new things


Shrey Gurav

Srihith Bharadwaj | IIT Bombay

Paathshala offered me the opportunity to bring together the love of learning and the love of learners. I’m very glad to be part of such an exciting team

Srihith Bharadwaj

Ruchika Gavanang

I had very good experience working with Paathshala
Paathshala’s understanding approach towards employees makes it easy
Flexible work timing, understandable working methods helped me to do this job efficiently
Working under no pressure makes us give our best
Thanks for giving me a chance to work with Paathshala

Ruchika Gavanang

Adarsh Jaiswal

Thank you Paathshala for giving me the chance to work as an ACRM intern. It was a really amazing learning experience for me to work as an intern at Paathshala. And I look forward to working with Paathshala again

Adarsh Jaiswal

Manisha Koppuri | IIT Bombay

My one month of interning with Paathshala has been a really nice and enriching experience. I learnt new things and it was fun as it was already related to what I studied previously. I enjoyed the whole time that I worked with them and found the experience very rewarding on a personal and professional level. Thanks to the entire dedicated team that gave very comprehensive feedback which helped me improve day by day. I cherish the experience and wish the team all success in their future endeavours

Manisha Koppuri

Rishit Jhaveri

It was a wonderful experience working with Paathshala
Everything was smooth. The stipend was given on time and the company understood me well
There were deadlines but the company was understanding and flexible enough
It was a great learning experience and the work management was very systematic


Rishit Jhaveri

Suchitra Kodlekere

I had a very fun yet learning experience working with the team of Paathshala
The work was exciting
Although I was was intern, my mentor helped me throughout and solved all my doubts with utmost patience
Thank you to my mentor for that
Lastly, I want to thank the entire team for giving me this opportunity and I genuinely look forward to working with Paathshala again in the future!

Suchitra Kodlekere

PV Tejas | IIT Bombay

I’ve always loved explaining things and sharing knowledge with people. Watching the moment someone understands a concept from a whole new perspective with the help of a clever analogy is very rewarding
Paathshala helped me experience that on a larger scale. Knowing that my content would be shared with students, it felt good explaining concepts and problems – especially knowing how important those would be to students appearing for entrance exams. The problems were of course very simple for me since I’d done them a few years ago. Applying the extra skills I’ve learnt since then, I was able to deliver better explanations, which was quite satisfying
All in all, the internship at Paathshala was very fun and well worth the time


PV Tejas

Shloka Bhuwalka | IIT Delhi

My experience of working with Paathshala has been really great. I have always been deeply interested in teaching and sharing my knowledge with the world, for which Paathshala provides the perfect platform. The best thing about Paathshala Education is their emphasis on perfection. The quality of videos they create and their highly envisioned goal always inspires me to give my best. I truly feel that this is a new step towards EdTech and can benefit a large number of people across the globe

Shloka Bhuwalka

Yashika Singhal | IIT Bombay

It was almost the beginning of the internship season for sophomores and I saw the pop-up for the Paathshala internship where I could teach students

I quickly signed up for it with no hope of getting selected as my CPI was pretty low and a lot of seniors signed up for it as well. I presumed that HR would prefer hiring seniors who are more experienced or maybe students with good CPI

Having no hope of getting selected, I did not even see the internship blog regularly. In my morning lecture at 8 AM, my friend asked me if I had prepared anything for the interview or not. I was shocked to hear this because I had no clue about this at all. I opened the internship blog and checked my name twice or thrice on the interview list. Thankfully I had a few hours left with me for the preparation of the interview

I went back to my room, opened up a chapter from 12th std. NCERT, revised it and went for the interview

I will directly jump to the internship period now. My biggest worry was the travel and was much relieved when the systems were set up in our rooms. I used to have my sports practice in the morning from 5:30 AM till 9:30 AM. I used to come back and set up targets for the day. Studying the question paper, preparing the answer and writing the key concept was the formula for it. In the beginning I used to take as much as 17 retakes but after 5-6 videos it reduced to 2 or 3. Revisiting JEE was really amazing, I never thought that I would be teaching these things to the JEE aspirants very next year of my preparation. I was thrilled to teach them the basic concepts and build over the question and tried to incorporate the techniques our professors used to apply on us

The result of those techniques was that I was sitting there teaching the same thing to next generation

Going back to the JEE concepts, I realized that they were no more that easier for me as they used to be. I struggled with a few questions not just to explain them but also to understand them myself. I could revise all the concepts that I left back on the day I completed writing JEE Advanced examination

I would recommend all the teaching enthusiasts to apply for this internship as the stipend they give is pretty fancy and you will definitely love the work. Our team lead used to take regular updates on our work which used to motivate me to complete work on time. Everyone right from the technical staff to our team lead were very cooperative and helping.
It was an amazing journey. I would like to thank Paathshala for giving me this opportunity to strengthen my basics and teach them to JEE aspirants


Yashika Singhal
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