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Manjiri Vichare

KJ Somaiya College of Engineering | B-Tech

My experience at Paathshala was mind-blowing. Here the students are taught in small batches and so the Professors were able to give good attention which is very good for the student. The Professors clear all our doubts easily, they encourage us to ask questions and are very supportive. After JEE Main, some of my friends mentioned to me they did not do well. But for me, thanks to Paathshala, I performed much better than the others. This is because Paathshala conducted various Chapter Wise Tests, later on, the Full Syllabus Tests were given. The level of tests at Paathshala was also higher so that we do not get nervous during the actual exam. The counselors and professors were cooperative and helped us with time management, suggested us what additional books to buy and how to solve extra papers at home. For a JEE aspirant, I would suggest, that the preparation should start from XI Std itself without being stressed out. There should be very less use of the mobile phone for these two years and the student should be focused only on studies. I have good memories of studying at Paathshala that I will cherish

JEE Main 90.98 Percentile

Admitted into KJ Somaiya College of Engineering for B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering